Sustainability at the Hofwirt

For us, comfort and sustainability go hand in hand

The Altstadthotel Hofwirt in Salzburg is a pioneer in sustainability. From energy efficiency to waste reduction, eco-friendly practices are consistently implemented. The hotel utilizes modern technologies to regulate heating and lighting systems efficiently, minimizing energy consumption. It also relies on renewable energy sources to reduce its ecological footprint. The culinary offerings are based on local and organic products, carefully selected to conserve resources and support the regional economy.

The Altstadthotel Hofwirt places great emphasis on water efficiency and has implemented intelligent systems to reduce water consumption. By installing water-saving fixtures and utilizing rainwater, the hotel actively contributes to the preservation of this precious resource.

The Altstadthotel Hofwirt demonstrates that comfort and sustainability can go hand in hand. It serves as an inspiring example of how hotels can embrace their responsibility towards the environment while providing guests with a first-class experience.